Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Welcome to ZDestinations.com, a leader in the publication and distribution of destination-specific travel content to online travel enterprises. As a partner or user of the ZDestinations Travel Platform, we encourage you to read and adhere to the Terms and Conditions set forth below.

Explanation of Terminology

ZD Travel Platform, ZD Platform and ZD Widget are interchangeable terms that refer to and include the pop-up delivery mechanism for displaying the ZD travel content or travel guides, the content feed, the content in such feed, and the entire ZDestinations content database. Partner or partners refers to any entity using or signing up to use the ZD Platform.

Ownership of Materials and Content

The ZD Platform and all its content, whether published or unpublished (large portions of the ZD content remain unpublished, awaiting release), are the sole property, both in real terms and intellectually, of ZDestinations and/or one or more of its principals. As such, you may not infringe on or compromise ZDestinations’ copyright or patent in any manner or form, including but not limited to unauthorized reproduction, duplication, dissemination or distribution of such content outside of the confines of the ZD Widget, nor may you edit or alter in any manner the ZDestinations content without prior written permission from ZDestinations.


ZDestinations will make every effort to maintain an uninterrupted feed via its ZD Platform or ZD Widget to its partner sites. However, it is understood that ZDestinations makes no guarantees and offers no warranties as to the timeliness, accuracy and availability of the information we provide in our content in the ZD Widget. In the event of any disruption in the feed to the ZD Platform we will endeavor to do our best to repair and restore such feed expeditiously and also consider, at our discretion, pro-ration of any prepaid subscriptions to the ZD Platform, but neither you (partners and/or users) nor anyone representing you or your interests may hold us responsible or liable in any form or manner whatsoever, legally or financially, for any information contained in the content of the ZD Platform, or the lack thereof, or the malfunction of the ZD Widget, or anything directly or indirectly connected with the ZD Widget or ZD site.

By using the ZD Widget or continuing to use the ZD Widget or initiating the use of the ZD Widget you accept all of the above Terms and Conditions and indemnify us against any loss or damage that you or anyone who represents you or anyone whom you represent may suffer as a result of using the ZD site or ZD Widget.

Update of Terms

Periodically ZDestinations may modify or update the above Terms and Conditions at its discretion, and such modified or updated Terms and Conditions will then apply. We will endeavor to notify you in advance of any such changes to the Terms and Conditions, but it is incumbent upon you to stay informed.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact us via our Contact page and type "Terms" in the subject line. And thank you, once again, for subscribing to or using the ZD Travel Platform.


Privacy Policy

At ZDestinations, we take the matter of privacy very seriously. To that end, we do not sell, loan, distribute, share, or compromise in any form or manner the personal information that we collect, whether directly or indirectly, from visitors to our site or subscribers to our travel platform. And with that in mind, rest assured that any information you submit on our site is safe with us, and feel free to browse, register, log in, or contact us with any queries, proposals, concerns, press tips and partnership interests.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us via our Contact form and type "Privacy" in the subject line.