About ZDestinations


About ZDestinations

Company Overview

ZDestinations (ZD) is a California-based travel publisher and travel-tech vendor, founded in 2016, with a print heritage stretching back to 1985. We partner with online travel brands to provide them with highly relevant business solutions for the ‘destination inspiration’ segment of their offering. We’ve leveraged our decades-long travel publishing and travel distribution experience and our vast archive of travel content to develop a white-label travel platform that is easy to implement and integrate and delivers 1,000s of compelling, relevant, up-to-date travel guides directly to our partner sites. Our travel destinations platform enables our partners to remain focused on their core offering, while adding significant value to their enterprise via greater engagement with their customers, enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and, most importantly, higher conversions.

Company Position

ZD is positioned to become the world's leading vendor of online destination-specific travel guides in the B2B space, with an initial selection of 1,000+ destinations at its 2017 launch, increasing to 2,000+ destinations by 2017 year-end.

Company's Founding Premise

At ZD we are of the firm belief that finding a destination is the logical first step in the travel progression, preceding finding and booking a flight, hotel, tour, activity, or rental car. 'Destination inspiration' is where it all begins. Yet, it is a daunting task to build, update and maintain a respectable travel destinations library, and thus remains elusive for most travel enterprises. That's where ZD comes in, offering a low-cost, high-return solution to travel brands throughout the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

The ZD Content

At ZD, we take a “boots on the ground” approach to travel content development, as it's the cornerstone of our enterprise. Experienced travel writers travel to destinations we cover, and dispatch content that is then curated by our professionally-trained in-house travel editors to offer the end user the real deal: Concise, compelling, supremely useful destination information that inspires travelers and helps them make good decisions with the right choices to begin their travel journey.


We always like to hear from our partners and potential partners on their experience/s with the ZD travel platform, with any suggestions on how we can improve our product. To that end, please let us know how we are doing by sending us a message. Even better, take the ZD travel platform for a test drive, with no obligation whatsoever and a 15-minute installation and 30 seconds to uninstall if desired.

Contact Address

PO Box 1814
Davis, California 95617

Email: info@zdestinations.com


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